Institute for Health and Consumer Protection (JRC-IHCP)

The mission of the JRC Institute for Health and Consumer Protection is (JRC-IHCP) is to provide scientific and technical support to the EU policies for the protection of the interests and health of European citizens in the areas of food, consumer products, chemicals and public health.

The JRC-IHCP helps achieving the highest level of protection of human health keeping pace with policy demands and emerging risks.

The institute actively contributes to harmonisation and standardisation activities and collaborates with European and international bodies and agencies towards improved public health care, safe food, safe products and healthy lifestyles and living conditions.

Located in Ispra (Italy) the institute employs around 270 staff to work on science for a healthier life.

For general inquiries to the IHCP, please contact:

Phone:                 +39 0332 78 9111


To get in touch with people at IHCP, see our people page or please consult the European Commission Directory.