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Grid-connected PV

This tool makes it possible to estimate the average monthly and yearly energy production of a PV system connected to the electricity grid, without battery storage. The calculation takes into account the solar radiation, temperature, wind speed and type of PV module. The user can choose how the modules are mounted, whether integrated in a building with predefined angles of inclination or orientation, or on a free standing position where these angles can either be defined by the user, or the user can request PVGIS to calculate the optimum slope and orientation that maximizes the yearly energy production. The calculations are made with the full temporal coverage of the solar radiation database selected



Monthly average values of PV system energy output and in-plane irradiation per month and for the full year, calculated from a multi-year time series of solar radiation and other climatic parameters. Some additional information about the calculation is also supplied in the output.

  • PVGIS interface: you will get only the fixed mounting output if you use the "Fixed grid-connected" tool, and only the tracking system output if you use the "Tracking grid-connected" tool. See below for the details about these outputs.
  • Non-interactive interface: you can choose to make calculations for fixed mounting systems, tracking systems, or both.

Formats available: