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Through proper forest management, trees can have a significant impact on carbon reduction.
Jun 18 2019
The Commission published its assessment of Member States’ draft plans to implement the EU’s Energy Union objectives, in particular the agreed EU 2030 energy and climate targets, as well as technical recommendations on Member States’ National Forestry Accounting Plans.
Droughts similar to those of 2018 could become common as early as 2043.
Jun 17 2019
A recent JRC article warns that the extreme drought conditions that affected central and northern Europe's 2018 spring/summer growing season could become the norm within 25 years.
From 2019, all heavy vehicles must be equipped with new Smart Tachograph
Jun 14 2019

From 15 June 2019, all heavy vehicles newly registered in the EU must have a smart tachograph on board.

These devices help fight fatigue and speeding, the most common causes of accidents, by allowing authorities to check vehicles without stopping them. 

Image: Wheat is susceptible to fungal colonization, which can cause the contamination of grains with mycotoxins.
Jun 13 2019
A new rapid method to detect mycotoxins in wheat products will facilitate controls and ensure safety for human consumption.