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The database shows how the world has urbanised over the past few decades
Feb 13 2018
The world’s largest data platform on cities reveals the planet is even more urbanised than we thought.
JRC-managed initiatives support capacity building and scientific exchange with Western Balkans partners
Feb 07 2018

The Commission unveiled a new plan this week, laying out paths to EU membership for the Western Balkans countries.

Through democratic, political, economic and societal improvements, the Western Balkan partners have a real and credible prospect of joining the EU in the coming years.

The report establishes the quality requirements to be respected for safe use of recycled water in agriculture
Feb 07 2018

The JRC has published a report on the minimum quality requirements for the use of treated waste water for agricultural purposes.

This science for policy report will be used as basis for defining EU legislation on the reuse of water in agriculture.

MECSA aims to empower individuals to assess the level of protection of their email communications and promote best practices among email providers
Feb 06 2018
The ‘My Email Communications Security Assessment (MECSA)’ tool can run a quick check on your email communications and provide feedback on how well-protected they are.