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The conceptual framework describes the components of hybrid threats in terms of actors, their objectives, tools and targeted domains.
Nov 26 2020

A new conceptual framework on hybrid threats designed by researchers aims to increase the understanding of hybrid threats and facilitate the development of effective measures to improve resilience against these threats.

Most people receiving humanitarian assistance are in countries that have been affected by a crisis for seven years or more.
Nov 20 2020
A new tool to assess the severity of on-going humanitarian crises shows that crises around the world are becoming longer, more severe and more complex.
Largest airlines are getting government support to safeguard connectivity and protect jobs
Nov 19 2020
Government support during the coronavirus pandemic risks distorting the playing field, but also presents an opportunity for a more sustainable air transport sector.
The EU Bioeconomy Monitoring System will provide trustworthy data and indicators to policy-makers.
Nov 18 2020

A new monitoring system will help ensure that the European Bioeconomy contributes effectively to the objectives of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy, the European Green Deal and the Sustainable Development Goals.