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With their water-drenched soils and low levels of oxygen, wetlands are breeding grounds for micro-organisms that produce methane.
Jul 29 2020
By the end of this century, natural methane (CH4) emissions from wetlands could increase by up to 80%.
Containment measures resulted in a massive surge of activity online for education, business, public administration, research and social interaction
Jul 27 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a booster for artificial intelligence, but concerns about security, potential misuse of data and growing inequalities remain.
The paper calls for global policy designs with measures aimed at avoiding an increase in inequality, hunger and malnutrition.
Jul 24 2020

Without integrated policies and international assistance to the less fortunate regions, the pursuit of climate targets could make developing countries slip back on key Sustainable Development Goals.

The control material will be distributed to 22 national laboratories in South Africa.
Jul 24 2020

The JRC-developed control material was shipped to the Johannesburg airport for distribution to the South African laboratories that are reference centres for COVID-19 in the country.