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Since September, the experts use the tablet computer application developed by the JRC to have visual observations recorded in data files.
Oct 27 2016

A JRC-run project and a dedicated application are bringing together scientists from across the EU and its neighbourhood to monitor and map litter floating from rivers into the seas.

Corporate taxation is under increased scrutiny as concerns mount about the fairness and efficiency of existing arrangements.
Oct 26 2016

The European Commission has announced plans to overhaul the way in which companies are taxed in the single market, delivering a growth-friendly and fair corporate tax system.

Two polar bears standing on an ice cap
Oct 25 2016

According to a modelling exercise however, the goal can be reached with additional mitigation policies and can be compatible with continued global economic growth.

Vladimir Šucha, JRC Director-General and Elena Santiago Cid, Director General of CEN and CENELEC signing the agreement
Oct 21 2016

A renewed cooperation agreement between the organisations will further enhance the exchange of knowledge and expertise between scientific research and European standardisation.