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Considerable increases in river flood impacts are predicted even under the most optimistic scenario of 1.5°C warming
Oct 15 2018
Global human and economic losses from river floods are set to increase in coming years, even with the most optimistic climate outlook.
Charging the batteries of the elecric motor
Oct 15 2018

As the European Commission publishes a communication on progress in establishing battery manufacturing in Europe, we look at the JRC's recent work in support of the EU Battery Alliance. 

The new laboratories will complement the existing vehicle emissions laboratories of the JRC
Oct 10 2018

A contract has just been signed for the delivery of two new state-of-the-art emission testing facilities at JRC Ispra. The new laboratories will carry out the compliance checks under the new European Type Approval framework.

the JRC has published a new guidebook on how to monitor emissions from large industrial installations
Oct 09 2018

The Joint Research Centre has published a new guidance to help competent authorities in Member States regulate emissions to air and water from about 55 000 large industrial installations across Europe.

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