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JRC scientists ask policymakers about the major data gaps they encounter when trying to do their work.
Nov 20 2018

One of the challenges to effective migration policy is the need for a comprehensive evidence base.

There are official statistics but the complexity of migration phenomena are such that only part of them can be captured through data.  

The EU is the world’s third largest producer of industrial roundwood but its share of global production has been decreasing.
Nov 20 2018

The raw materials sector is showing some encouraging signs of development and recovery, but more efforts are needed to diversify supply and increase use of secondary materials.

Scientists assessed ten case studies to identify the impact of insights gained from monitoring the Arctic
Nov 14 2018
The societal benefits of Arctic observation far outweigh the investment required to conduct it.
From biochemistry to energy storage or financial analysis, the call is open to researchers across many disciplines
Nov 13 2018
The programme will provide a first-hand introduction to the JRC's scientific work and the European research context.
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