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Warmer climates are affecting the supply of water, which is essential for cooling power plants and for the production of fuels and hydropower.
Aug 12 2019
In July 2019, several nuclear power plants were temporarily closed in various parts of Europe due to high water temperatures.
Three JRC technical reports reviewing new biometric modalities for their integration in the Schengen Information System
Jul 30 2019

Last year’s reform of the EU’s Schengen Information System legislation has strengthened the role of facial, fingermark and DNA recognition technologies while also introducing stronger data protection rules.  

Migrants do essential jobs in rural areas, especially on farms that are in constant need of temporary work.
Jul 29 2019
Jobs on EU farms are increasingly being filled by migrants who help to cultivate some of our most common kitchen staples.
Jul 29 2019

The European Commission's science and knowledge service, the Joint Research Centre, makes more of its scientific laboratories and facilities accessible to Europe's researchers.