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World Input Output Database includes gross energy use, emission relevant energy use and CO2 emissions
Jul 22 2019
The on-line World Input-Output Database (WIOD) provides data on the industrial and household energy use of residents and their corresponding CO2 emissions
Understanding our Political Nature - new report looks at the factors influencing political decision-making
Jul 17 2019
Understanding our Political Nature: a new report looking at the factors influencing political decision-making.
The study shows that the number of people killed by extreme climate events – as a proportion of the population exposed to such events – dropped by more than 6 times over the past four decades.
Jul 10 2019

Societies worldwide have become more resilient to climate disasters but climate change is likely to result in an unprecedented rise in climate extremes, which will challenge the climate resilience and adaptive capacity of our societies.

New psychoactive substances are often designed with bright colours and packaging to appeal to younger populations
Jul 05 2019

Over the years, the JRC has become a strategic partner in the international fight against new psychoactive substances, a growing concern in the European Union.