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The data show that the impacts of climate on where and when surface water occurs can be measured, and that the presence of surface water can be substantially altered by human activities.
Dec 07 2016
In an article published in Nature, JRC scientists describe how, in collaboration with Google, they have quantified changes in global surface waters and created interactive maps which highlight the changes in the Earth's surface water over the past 32 years.
MyGEOSS visual
Dec 07 2016
Thirty environmental and social innovative apps were presented on 6 December as a result of MyGEOSS; a project to develop smart applications using open data from Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS).
An industrial factory with a chimney emitting white smoke
Dec 06 2016
It is a result of structural changes in the global economy, global energy efficiency improvements and changing energy mix in key countries.
The Commission aims to ensure European nuclear facilities approaching end of business are closed safely, respecting the environment and human health.
Dec 02 2016

On 2 December, the Commission launched a new training and knowledge-sharing initiative to prepare specialists for the dismantling of present and future obsolete nuclear plants in Europe as they reach their end-of-life.