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The World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on 21 March
Mar 21 2019

Of the 5.2 million births in the European Union (EU) each year, approximately 104,000 (2.5%) will be born with congenital anomalies.

Governments that have a higher female representation are more impartial, more efficient and less corrupt
Mar 08 2019

Increasing women’s voice and participation in politics has clear positive impacts on the quality of governance, transparency and accountability.

Women continue to be under-represented in science-related jobs.
Mar 08 2019

Observed since the early 1900s, the International Women's Day calls for gender equality and celebrates women's achievements.

But after over 100 years, gender equality is still far from being reality in many sectors, including in science.

Doctor with tablet
Feb 28 2019

Today, marking Rare Disease Day, the European Commission is launching a new online knowledge-sharing platform to support better diagnosis and treatment for more than 30 million Europeans living with a rare disease.