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Mar 24 2017

The European Commission has adopted the JRC’s Work Programme for 2017-2018, running under Horizon 2020, the current EU Framework Programme for funding research and innovation up to 2020.

sun and earth magnetic field
Mar 24 2017
Extreme space weather has a global footprint and the potential to damage critical infrastructure on the ground and in space. A new JRC report calls for bridging knowledge gaps and for better coordination at EU level to reduce the potential impact of space weather events.
child ands robot
Mar 23 2017
Action is needed to monitor and control the emerging Internet of Toys, concludes a new JRC report. Privacy and security are highlighted as main areas of concern.
Green forest
Mar 21 2017
The JRC has recently released a high-resolution tree occurrence dataset for Europe. The EU-Forest dataset is the most comprehensive database ever of forest resources at the EU level, comprising over half a million tree occurrences and over 200 different tree species. It improves our understanding of the rapidly changing forested areas of Europe and changes over time of the kinds of trees that make them up.