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The JRC report stresses the need for better awareness and coordination between existing knowledge sources on Replacement, Reduction and Refinement of animal testing, for their greater impact.
Feb 20 2017

The JRC has carried out a study of available knowledge on the replacement, reduction and refinement (the 3Rs) of animal procedures used in research and testing to understand how supply of such knowledge can better meet demand.

The JRC has taken part in the scientific programme of the AAAS annual meeting since 2008.
Feb 15 2017
The JRC will showcase its activities in combating nuclear terrorism, spurring policy innovations and strengthening European scientific advisory structures at AAAS 2017.
Graphic of a female scientist in lab coat
Feb 10 2017
Women fill 38% of senior management posts at the JRC, showing our commitment to gender equality in science and in the European Commission.
Graphic of the Happy Onlife game
Feb 07 2017
The release of the source code is an opportunity to share best practices and promote novel teaching methods on data protection and cybersecurity.