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TTO circle Workshop "Early stage financing of RTO spin-off companies"

TTO circle Workshop "Early stage financing of RTO spin-off companies"

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC), in collaboration with TNO, is organising a TTO circle workshop on "Early stage financing of RTO spin-off companies", which will take place in Brussels on 07th March 2019 (Berlaymont - Walter Hallstein room)

An important challenge in establishing spin-off companies of RTO’s, certainly when it concerns deep-tech spin-offs, is attracting finance for the first year before establishing a new company and two to three years after the start of such new companies. TTO’s can play an important role in assisting the management of spin-off companies and in finding such finance, as TTO’s often are in contact with a wide variety of investors and have knowledge and experience regarding subsidy and other financing programs.

In this context, this workshop has two main goals:

  1. Exchanging best practices among RTO’s, and
  2. Interacting with European Commission and EIF regarding the upcoming financial instruments and programs.






Giancarlo Caratti, Head of Unit "IP and Technology Transfer", Directorate-General Joint Research Centre, European Commission

/jrc/communities/en/file/20190307-ttocircle-financing-pessahenpdfIDEA Department: bridging the gap at YEDA

Netah Pessah, Project Manager, Yeda R&D, and Technology Transfer, Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS)

/jrc/communities/en/file/20190307-ttocircle-financing-colombenpdfPoC ans start-up funding at CEA

Sylvain Colomb, Start-up manager, CEA

/jrc/communities/en/file/20190307-ttocircle-financing-haspeslaghenpdfPoC & start-up funding

Johan Haspeslagh, Senior Venture Development Manager, IMEC

/jrc/communities/en/file/20190307-ttocircle-financing-segersenpdfLearnings Proof of Concept fund

Rolph Segers, Technology Transfer Officer, TNO

/jrc/communities/en/file/20190307-ttocircle-financing-extabeenpdfProof of Concept projects as the base for the creation of spin-offs

Javier Extabe, Deputy Vice-Presidency for Knowledge Transfer, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

/jrc/communities/en/file/20190307-ttocircle-financing-wamserenpdfFraunhofer technology-transfer fund (FTTF)

Jörg Wamser, Managing Director, Fraunhofer Technologie Transfer Funds GmbH

/jrc/communities/en/file/20190307-ttocircle-financing-brandkampenpdfInvestor's view on technology transfer - Some HTGF insights

Michael Brandkamp, CEO, High Tech Grunderfonds


Emanuele Occhipinti, Vice President, Greenrail

/jrc/communities/en/file/20190307-ttocircle-financing-chicoenpdf-0Neos Surgery

Lluís Chico Roca, CEO, Neosurgery

/jrc/communities/en/file/20190307-ttocircle-financing-samsonrenpdfEuropean Innovation Council

Ramona Samson, Deputy Head of Unit, Investments and SMEs, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission

/jrc/communities/en/file/20190307-ttocircle-financing-chazeuguibertenpdfCapital Markets Union

Amaury Chazeau-Guibert, Policy Officer, Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, European Commission

/jrc/communities/en/file/20190307-ttocircle-financing-samsonjenpdfEIF/Tech Transfer - What's next?

Jerome Samson, Investment Manager, European Investment Fund (EIF)

/jrc/communities/en/file/20190307-ttocircle-financing-stamenovenpdfJRC B.7 work on High-growth innovative companies

Blagoy Stamenov, Policy analyst, Knowledge for Finance, Innovation and Growth, Directorate-General Joint Research Centre, European Commission




Thursday, 7 March, 2019 - 08:30
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Jurriaan van Rijswijk's picture

Great initiative! Would love to join. Is there any information else than the meeting how to join this network?

Cheers Jurriaan

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Sergio GRANDE's picture

Dear Jurrian, you would be more than welcome. If interested, please make the registration. The TTO circle is a network of public research organizations in Europe.  To be member, you need to send a letter of interest, which will be evaluated by the TTO circle board. Looking forward to welcoming you in Brussels.

Best regards,


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Antonio Pedro Alves da Silva's picture

Is it possible to attend the workshop remotely?

Thank you and best regards,

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Sergio GRANDE's picture

Dear Pedro,

I am sorry but it is not possible.

best regards,


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