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TTO circle Workshop "Connecting with the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem", Brussels on 24th October 2019

TTO circle Workshop "Connecting with the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem", Brussels on 24th October 2019

An important challenge in establishing spin-off companies of RTO’s, certainly when it concerns deep-tech spin-offs, is attracting complementary talent to the existing technological / scientific one, such as sales profiles and potential CEOs interested in transforming these spin-offs into growing SMEs. There well-round teams made up of “Minds” and “Management” are a necessary condition to entice smart capital into investing in these opportunities. Thus, this issue is directly linked to the broader one of the funding of deep-tech spin-offs.

TTOs struggle to find the adequate formula to systematize this process of connecting with entrepreneurs that is critical in the future success of the deep-tech spin-offs and that involves complex issues revolving around venture building; incentive setting; etc.

The European Commission recognizes the importance of stimulating the creation and growth of startups and specifically recognizes the importance of deep-tech startups originating from RTO technology.

In this context, the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, JRC, in collaboration with Tecnalia Ventures, is organising a TTO circle workshop on "Connecting with the entrepreneurial Ecosystem", which will take place in Brussels on 24th October 2019 at the Albert Borschette Congress Centre (Room 3C), Rue Van Froissart 36, Brussels. 

  • Identify; single out and exchange best practices
  • Connect with sources of potential “Management” / entrepreneurs required for deep-tech spin-offs
  • Position upon EC the issue of “Minds” connecting with “Management” European financial instruments/programs
  • Position deep-tech spin-offs as a potential destination of choice for entrepreneurs




/jrc/communities/en/file/20191024-ttocircleentrepreneurship-mattinoenpdfEU policies and initiatives to support Entrepreneurship

Giacomo Mattinó, Head of Unit Enterprise Network and Internationalisation of SMEs, Directorate-General Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, European Commission

/jrc/communities/en/file/20191024-ttocircleentrepreneurship-bacigalupoenpdfThe European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework

Margherita Bacigalupo, Researcher and policy analyst, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

/jrc/communities/en/file/20191024-ttocircleentrepreneurship-anistoroaeienpdfEU funding for innovation

Razvan Anistoroaei, Policy Officer in the Task Force Unit of European Innovation Council, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission

/jrc/communities/en/file/20191024-ttocircleentrepreneurship-gorzynskienpdfMaking innovation happen

Michal Gorzynski, Head of Impact Section, European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

/jrc/communities/en/file/20191024-ttocircleentrepreneurship-dejongenpdfIntroduction to Venture Building

Jikke De JongVenture Developer, NLC Health

/jrc/communities/en/file/20191024-ttocircleentrepreneurship-zismanenpdfVenture building: the creation of a successful team

Einat Zisman, Israeli HealthMed ecosystem

/jrc/communities/en/file/20191024-ttocircleentrepreneurship-andresenpdfFrontier IP Group PLC

Rui Andres, Portfolio Manager, Frontier IP


Emma Palmen, Programme Director, HighTechXL

/jrc/communities/en/file/20191024-ttocircleentrepreneurship-rufinoenpdfConnecting with the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Asier Rufino, CEO, TECNALIA Ventures

/jrc/communities/en/file/20191024-ttocircleentrepreneurship-borelenpdfEntrepreneurship ecosystem @ CEA

Corinne Borel, Head of the spin-off development programme, CEA

/jrc/communities/en/file/20191024-ttocircleentrepreneurship-ravikumarenpdfEntrepreneurship @ CERN

Ash Ravikumar, Entrepreneurship Development Officer, CERN

/jrc/communities/en/file/20191024-ttocircleentrepreneurship-lambertusenpdfBringing together the best of two worlds. HIGH-TECH PIONEERSs

Thorsten Lambertus, Team member, Fraunhofer Venture Lab


Michael O'Connor, CEO, CORK BIC

/jrc/communities/en/file/20191024-ttocircleentrepreneurship-shamuiliaenpdfLERU paper "Student entrepreneurship at research intensive universities: from a peripheral activity towards a new mainstream"

Sheron Shamuilia, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Unit, Directorate-General Joint Research Centre, European Commission
Thursday, 24 October, 2019 - 08:30
Joint Research Centre (JRC) and Tecnalia Ventures
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