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EOValue is a 3-year project (2018-20) funded by the H2020 research programme and implemented by the European Commission Joint Research Centre in partnership with the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD).

EOValue is organised around four main streams:

  • Support to the EuroGEOSS initiative, through a community space where the EuroGEOSS  pilot applications, products and services can interact, be promoted and scaled up;
  • Monitor the evolution of the geospatial ecosystem of companies and organisations in Europe to identify opportunities, synergies, and obstacles that need addressing to foster the development of a vibrant space data economy in Europe;
  • Maximise the European contribution to the development and evolution of GEOSS by leading relevant working groups, GEO tasks, and initiatives, as well as testing and supporting the interoperability of EuroGEOSS with the global GEOSS infrastructure; 
  • Launch an open competition in 2019 for innovative web-based on mobile apps leveraging EuroGEOSS applications, products, and services, and European open data to expand the user base of EO in Europe.