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Workshop "Competences and Skills in the Governance of a Digitally Transformed Society" Oct 30-31 2019

Workshop "Competences and Skills in the Governance of a Digitally Transformed Society" Oct 30-31 2019

On the 30th and 31st of October 2019 we held the fifth workshop of the project titled Competences and Skills in the Governance of a Digitally Transformed Society.

This workshop covers the third theme of the project concerning the skills and competences needed by citizens in the current and future European society. The workshop examined which new (digital) skills and competences might become strategic in the future for the development of an inclusive and fairer society. It also investigated new ways through which digital technologies could foster citizens' learning and participation.

The idea for this workshop comes from the assumption that it is not possible to understand which new forms of governance are emerging in the existing context of digital transformation without taking into account the competences and skills that allow (or hinder) citizens' participation in the current data-driven society.

This workshop was aimed to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss the emerging competences needed by citizens to gain voice and take part into the governance of a European digitally transformed society.

The presentations were structured in the following six panels:

Emerging Competences and Digital Youth

/jrc/communities/en/file/02gangneuxdigitranscopeoct19pdf-4Justine Gangneux, University of Glasgow, ‘Everyone knows the technique’: Young people’s tactical engagement with digital platforms 

/jrc/communities/en/file/03chaudrondigitranscopeoct19pdfStephane Chaudron, JRC, What competences to make your way in a datafied world? 

/jrc/communities/en/file/04guidigitranscopeoct19pdfMarco Gui, Milano-Bicocca University, Digital Well-being: Time management and attention skills 

AI & Learning

/jrc/communities/en/file/05tuomiaiandthenewdynamicsoflearningandcompetencedevelopmentdigitranscopeoct19pdfIlkka Tuomi, Meaning Processing, AI and the new dynamics of learning and competence development 

/jrc/communities/en/file/06sormanidiyaijrcpresentationpdfPhilippe Sormani, JRC, DIY AI? Promo promises, technical devices, and practical affordances

Competences, Social Inclusion and Empowerment

Bridgette Wessles, University of Glasgow Contextualising digital and data literacies: addressing the dynamics of inclusion and marginalisation in the idea of learning cities

/jrc/communities/en/file/08avramov2019pdfDragana Avramov, Population and Social Policy Consultants, Developing critical thinking among youth and (re)activating critical thinking among elderly

/jrc/communities/en/file/09akiibaatdigitranscopeoct2019presentationpdfAnique Vered, Independent Consultant, Akiiba: Holistic Human Security in the Digital Transformation

Game-based Participation and Learning

/jrc/communities/en/file/10boterdigitranscopeoct19pdfJaap Boter, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Engaging participation in the energy transition through Digital Twins: Minecraft experiments with children 

/jrc/communities/en/file/11sherson-digitrascopev2pdfJacob Sherson, Aarhus University, Scalable, game-based citizen science: Developing hybrid intelligence and fostering a population thinking like scientists

/jrc/communities/en/file/12ruidigitranscopeoct19pdfRui Grilo, Microsoft Education, Future-Ready Skills for K-12 Education

Citizens-generated Data and Decision Making

/jrc/communities/en/file/13gutierrezdigitranscopeoct19pdfMiren Gutierrez, University of Deusto, Participation in a datafied environment: Questions about data literacy

/jrc/communities/en/file/14pontiradicchidigitranscopeoct19pdfMarisa Ponti, University of Gothenburg, Empowering citizens through computational literacy

The Governance of a Digitally Transformed Society

/jrc/communities/en/file/15luitjensdigitranscopeoct19pdfSteven Ljutens, Ministry of the Interior (NL), Bridging the gaps 

/jrc/communities/en/file/16nicolosidigitranscopeoct19pdfMatteo Nicolosi, Re-Imagine Europa, Democracy in a Digital Society: The ECHO perspective

/jrc/communities/en/file/17snijdersrathenaudigitranscopeoct19pdfDhoya Snijders, Rathenau Instituut, Technological citizenship. Lessons from the Netherlands


Workshop report

Micheli M., Scholten H., Craglia M., Lloyd P. (Eds.), Competences and Skills in the Governance of a Digitally Transformed Society. Fifth Workshop of the DigiTranScope Project, European Commission, 2020, JRC119268. 


Wednesday, 30 October, 2019 - 09:00 to Thursday, 31 October, 2019 - 17:00
Ispra, Italy
Digitranscope team
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