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Internet of Things: Implications for Governance (Workshop Report)

Internet of Things: Implications for Governance (Workshop Report)

This JRC report summarizes the contributions and discussions of the 4th DigiTranScope workshop, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on March 13 and 14, 2019. Participants from academia, industry, consultancy firms and public sector attended the workshop, which examined the Internet of Things and its implications for governance. This is the second theme of the DigiTranScope project which concerns the challenges for governance of the massive connectedness of people, objects, and devices capable of
sharing information, data and resources and interacting with the surrounding environment.

From the presentations and the discussions held during the workshop, we have identified the emergence of four major challenges for governance arisen from the implementation of the IoT:

1) The IoT can radically change the relationships between humans and the interconnected devices, giving objects autonomy towards humans.

2) The role that EU regulation should play is critical.

3) From a business perspective, Europe needs a system which is better at fostering innovation and tolerating failure.

4) Small scale/local context is "where everything happens" nowadays, but the European level is  extremely important too.

For more info on the workshop and access to the presentatoins see https://ec.europa.eu/jrc/communities/en/node/1286/event/workshop-interne...

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Marisa Ponti, Marina Micheli, Henk Scholten and Massimo Craglia
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