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DigiTranScope Autumn Institute: Governance of Digitally Transformed Societies

DigiTranScope Autumn Institute: Governance of Digitally Transformed Societies

DigiTranScope Autumn Institute 2020

Governance of Digitally Transformed Societies 

Online: 5-9 October 2020

DigiTranScope is a research project of the JRC (Joint Research Centre), Centre for Advanced Studies at the European Commission, focusing on the governance of digitally transformed human societies. The project aims to provide a deeper understanding of key aspects of digital transformation to help policy-makers address the challenges facing European society over the next decades.

Core Topics of the Autumn Institute:

  • Data Governance: This is a key battleground to find a European way to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Transformation. We need to find new ways of sharing data between the public sector, commercial sector, and civil society so that the value created out of data analytics and new algorithms is redistributed more equitably across all stakeholders to the benefit of European society.
  • New Forms of Policy Design, Policy Learning: This is a topic exploring how we can develop new forms of more participative policy design, monitoring, feedback/assessment, learning loops that exploit the characteristics of digital transformation including, smart cities, gaming, digital twins, and personalisation.
  • Digital Empowerment and Social Inequalities: How can we develop/design/foster a new path exploiting the benefits of digital transformation so that it is aimed at reducing existing social, economic, and spatial inequalities rather than exacerbating them? What is the role of local data ecosystems and co-operatives, and in general more geographically diversified policy measures, in tapping into the intrinsic characteristics of European regions and cities?

Programme and speakers

  • Programme [PDF]
  • List and short biographies of speakers and facilitators [PDF]
  • The report of the Institute is available PDF icon [PDF]

Keynote presentations

Andrea Renda "Digital transformation and governance" PDF icon renda2.pdf

Ernst Ekkehard "Tomorrow @ Work: The AI trilemma" PDF icon ernst.pdf

Gianluca Misuraca "AI & Public Sector Innovation in a Data-Driven Society: Shaping Digital Europe 2040" PDF icon misuraca.pdf

Cosmina Dorobantu "Policy resilience in a crisis: can data science help?" PDF icon dorobantou.pdf

Giulia Pastorella and Richard Budel, Perspectives from the industry sector

Cristina Capineri, Digital platforms: interfacing the space of flows and the space of place PDF icon capineri.pdf

DigiTranScope sessions presentations

Max Craglia, AI: a European perspective in a contested world (craglia)File craglia4dau.ppsx

Henk Scholten, Digital Transformation: a science and industry perspective (File scholten_cut.ppsx)

Jiri HradecFrom data to knowledge for policy PDF icon hradec.pdf

Marina Micheli, Emerging models of data governance and the politics of data PDF icon micheli.pdf

Igor Calzada, Digital Transformations and the (Smart) CityPDF icon calzada.pdf

Stevan Luitjens, Digital Transformation and central government: The case of the Netherlands PDF icon luitjens.pdf

DigiTranScope participants final presentations

Team 1 and Team 2 

Team 3

Scientific Committee:

Dr Max Craglia, Dr Marina Micheli, Dr Igor Calzada, Jiri Hradec, Dr Gianluca Misuraca

[European Commission DG Joint Research Centre (JRC), Ispra, Italy]

Prof Henk Scholten [Free University of Amsterdam, Netherlands]

Dr Cristina Capineri [University of Siena, Italy (local organiser)]


The Autumn Institute is about critical thinking and mutual learning in a multi-disciplinary environment. It encourages informal sharing and constructive feedback, focusing on participants’ research projects, ideas, and critical and interdisciplinary perspectives around the pivotal applied digital social sciences practices and theories.

Language: English

Number of Participants (max): 30

Who attended: PhD candidates, post-doctoral researchers, policymakers, and practitioners from interdisciplinary backgrounds coming from the academia, industry, government, and civic society  interested in exploring the trends and related societal challenges of digital transformations in the governance of future societies. 21 participants from 14 countries were selected on the basis of an open call for participation and expressions of intrest.

Monday, 5 October, 2020 - 09:00 to Friday, 9 October, 2020 - 16:00
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