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When you register...

When you register for the first time, you will be asked to fill in a form with some key data on your person and profile. Please feel free to skip any or all of the categories proposed.

However, please note that lately we have been faced with a series of fake membership requests. To protect the integrity of the community, we would therefore like to ask you to provide some information on your person and your interest in joining. This information allows us to assess and accept your membership request.

If you decide to fill in the predetermined categories, we recommend to use the following format:

  • "Current position and organisation": [function/title], [department (optional)], [organisation], [city], [country]
  • "Field of expertise" = "Educational sector/level": Please consider including some of the following tags: pre-primary education, primary education, secondary education, higher education, VET, adult training, Lifelong learning, ...
  • "Field of interests": Please consider tags like: Digital education, teachers' competences, Initial teacher training, CPD, Pedagogic innovation, Organisational change, DigComp, DigCompOrg/SELFIE, EntreComp ...