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Digitranscope - Digital Transformation and the Governance of Human Society

Digitranscope - Digital Transformation and the Governance of Human Society

Digitranscope is a 3-year research project (2018-20) of  the JRC Centre for Advanced Studies focusing on the governance of digitally transformed human societies.

The project aims to provide a deeper understanding of key aspects of digital transformation to help policymakers address the challenges facing European  society over the next decades. 

The principal research themes are:

To explore the changing flows, ownership, quality and implications of digitised data and information. Data constitute the decisive ingredient of the transformed society, and data ownership, access, sharing, analysis and dissemination (for example in social, economic and political contexts) will interplay in uncertain ways as they have to date;

To identifying the key policy challenges relating to massive interconnection (IOT) and the associated opportunities and risks;

To determine what skills are needed to live fulfilling and healthy lives in a digitally transformed society, and to explore how to offer all citizens the opportunity to develop these skills;

To explore innovative forms of governance for Europe leveraging the characteristics of   digital transformation.

The project is:

Reflecting, and responding to, Commission policy challenges about the future governance of a digitally transformed European society in a global context;

Bringing together key researchers and thinkers from around the world to explore the deep transformations triggered by the adoption and adaption of digital technologies in public and private institutions at multiple levels, and in the organisational fabric of society;

Undertaking robust scientific research to raise understanding of the dimensions, directions, and implications for the governance of human societies which often are in different stages of digital transformation.

The project looks at the transversal issues that will be important in the future development of European society.

The project is designed to bring together a high-level group of stakeholders from across all sectors, to hear from the latest thinking, research, and commercial developments.

The project workshops  help focus and refine the programme of research, explore the key issues that  help look forward to policy options and developments in the future,  discuss the methodologies to be used, and  establish a global community of interest that can contribute to, and be involved in, the programme of activities. The indicative themes are structured across the four major challenges in the following diagram:


DT Governance overview

The scientific leadership of the project is by Professor Henk Scholten (Free University of Amsterdam).

Professor Michael Blakemore (University of Durham) helped frame the project and co-lead in its first year of development.

Project coordinator at the JRC is Dr. Massimo Craglia (massimo.craglia@ec.europa.eu).