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EIRA and CarTool

European Interoperability Reference Architecture and Cartography tool

When is this solution for you? 

You work in a public administration. A cross-border public service is about to be developed. You would like to keep costs down and reuse interoperability solutions that have already been developed.

What can we offer you? 

The ISA² programme of the European Commission is currently developing the European Interoperability Reference Architecture (EIRA©) for classifying and organising building blocks relevant to interoperability, which are used in the delivery of digital public services. The goal is to facilitate interoperability and reuse when developing public services.

In March 2019, a new EIRA release v.3.0.0 has been made available online. It contains many improvements such as: 

  • Revision of the architecture building blocks taking into account their interoperability saliency and relevance for EU integrated public services;
  • Alignment to the new European Interoperability Framework (EIRA Metamodel viewpoint and Key Interoperability Enablers viewpoint);
  • Alignment with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), introducing the Interoperability Privacy viewpoint;
  • Revision of the EIRA views and viewpoints
  • Upgrade to ArchiMate® 3.0.1.

The Cartography tool (CarTool©) brings together high level support for the EIRA© as an opens-source Archi® plug-in. It includes both editing features to model solutions using the EIRA©, and querying features to query an EIRA©-based Cartography of solutions. More information regarding the plugin as well as its version 2.2.0 have been published on Joinup.

Is this solution open source? 
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Any questions? 

Comments on the work products? Contact the EIRA team.

You can also contact the Interoperability Unit of DG Informatics (please use the subject line ‘European Interoperability Reference Architecture’).

More detailed information 

Visit the EIRA action page and check out the EIRA and CarTool solutions in Joinup.

Read the interview with project officer Raul Abril.

Read the testimonial by Raul Abril on How the AchiMate Standard has been Used to Deliver Value to the EU.

Watch the interview with Raul Abril on the EIRA.

Who is already using this solution? 


Arnaud Reper
"As FPS BOSA DT’s main mission is to promote Digital transformation, most of their recommendations to other public administration are based on EIRA©/ CarTool© and CEF building blocks (e.g. eDelivery, Electronic Registered Delivery Services (ERDS)). They highly recommend the use of EIRA© to other administrations, as it helps to save money in developing solutions, and enables the collaboration with public administrations across the EU."

Arnaud Reper, Domain Architect Digital Transformation Officer FOD Beleid en Ondersteuning, SPF Strategie et Appui

Pilots/Workshops in European Institutions: European Commission, Council of the EU, Committees

Pilots/Workshops in Member States: ET, NL, DK (2), ES, CZ, BE, LUX

  • In ET, EIRA was used to model EESTI (High level model of all the public services).
  • In DK, EIRA was used to model e-Prescription (Patient treatment Public Service) and in September it will be used to compare reference architectures.
  • in ES, a pilot of EIRA implementation in Carpeta Ciudanana:
Key facts and figures 

EIRA/CarTool downloads: +2500