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Common Assessment Method for Standards and SpecificationsRead more


Enhancing the interoperability of catalogues of public servicesRead more

Test Bed

A platform providing conformance testing to projects developing cross-border public servicesRead more

The ISA² Programme of the European Commission supports the development of digital solutions that link public administrations, businesses and citizens in Europe.Read more

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Open source tool for more efficient legislative draftingRead more

OCS for ECIs

A tool allowing organisers of European Citizens’ Initiatives to collect statements of support online across the EURead more


Enabling Better Project Management in the EURead more


Text mining for EU references and citationsRead more

SEMIC Community

Semantic interoperability communityRead more

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The Once-Only Principle ensures that citizens and businesses provide data to public administration only once, while public bodies exchange this data when requested.Read more


Administration, Business and Citizens’ Data Exchanges in the domain of Case ManagementRead more

Common Exchange Model

Standardisation of legal content facilitating data exchangeRead more

EU Budget as Linked Open Data

Making the EU Budget more understandable and transparentRead more

ISA² Interim Evaluation

Learn more about the rationale, objectives and scope of the interim evaluationRead more

An online collaborative platformRead more

Sharing and Reuse

A winning strategy for public administrations willing to lower costs, collaborate across organisations and borders, and modernise the public sectorRead more

VocBench 3

An open-source platform to help managing and publishing multilingual controlled vocabularies in an open and interoperable wayRead more