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Results of the EIF consultation


The Commission ran an open public consultation on the revision of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) from 6 April 2016 to 29 June 2016. This consultation in the form of an online questionnaire in EN, FR and DE targeted citizens, businesses / private organisations, public administrations, and research centres, academic institutions, standardisation organisations and businesses supplying services to public administrations. It sought to detect needs and problems faced by stakeholders with regards to interoperability and the implementation of the EIF and EIS, identify expected revision's impacts, and collect feedback on the EU added value and coherence of the initiative.

Read the full report in English, French or German.

Who replied to the consultation?



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Businesses and private organisations

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Research centres, academic institutions, standardisation organisations, businesses supplying services to public administrations


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Public administrations 


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Position papers

Note: Contributions from respondents that wished to keep their replies confidential are not displayed but they are included in the statistics.

Next steps

The Commission will publish a synopsis report analysing consultation results by the end of 2016 and take the results into account when determining the type of instrument to propose.