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Sharing & Reuse Awards 2019


Contest for European public administrations

The European Commission invites you to take part in the 2nd edition of the Sharing & Reuse Awards Contest, which is organised in the context of ISA² Programme’s Sharing and Reuse action

Have you been successfully working on digitalising public services? Share your experience by applying to this contest! Public administrations looking for specific IT solutions will be interested to see how you addressed similar challenges, and learn how to reuse the open source software or shared IT services that you have already developed.

The objective of this contest is to reward the best solutions developed in each of our 4 categories: 

  1. Most innovative open source software;
  2. Open source software with the biggest impact on citizens or businesses;
  3. Most innovative shared IT services (commonly developed or shared);
  4. Shared IT services (commonly developed or shared) with the biggest impact on citizens or businesses.

The first team will win €15,000 and the runner-up €10,000 in each category.

The 2017 edition of the Sharing & Reuse Awards Contest was a great success, and we hope 2019 have been even better!

Is your solution eligible to participate?

To participate in the contest, your solution needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Developed by or for a public administration(s) from an EU Member State, EFTA country or EU candidate country (Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey);
  • Reused by at least one public administration;
  • Is either an open source software or an IT shared service;
  • Its description is published on Joinup. Please note that your solution does not have to be published on Joinup at the time of submission. It is important, however, that you contact the Joinup Support Team before the submission deadline (12 March 2019) expressing your request to publish your solution. They will give you detailed instructions on how to do it.
  • Its description is provided in English
  • Solutions which received a monetary reward during the previous edition (S&R Awards 2017) are not eligible to participate. Those which were in the third or fourth place, and received a certificate of excellence, can be submitted if they fall into one of the categories.

Why participate? (infographic)

Evaluation criteria

Your solutions will be assessed in two steps by an Evaluation Committee and a Jury based on the following criteria:

  • Solution design and governance: the extent to which open standards are used and/or complied with; the level of documentation of the solution and the quality of the design; level of cooperation, cross-border cooperation, collaboration between institutions, and identification of a governance model supporting the solution.
  • Impact/extent of reuse: the business model of the solution; the realisation of planned objectives and activities; proven evidence of benefits (including savings established though re-using instead of developing from scratch); visible impact and tangible results; savings or results that could still be realised; number of reuse cases and details of plans for future reuse and ongoing effort; reuse of existing services of other organisations; reuse of application’s modules by other applications.
  • Sustainability: extent to which the solution shows elements which allow it to be sustained after the achievement of its objectives; extent to which the sustainability is guaranteed; technical documentation; business model documentation; maintenance; high availability.
  • Innovation (for category 1 and 3): technological innovation; business process innovation; social Innovation.
  • User centricity (for category 2 and 4): accessibility to citizens; personalised data; personalised services; notifications; mobile devices.

How to apply for the contest?

To apply for the contest, fill in the online submission form.

Please note that the application, any supporting documents and solution description must be provided in English. However, the solution itself does not have to be in English.

DEADLINE: 28 February 2019 extended until 12 March 2019!

The Commission informed the 16 shortlisted solution owners via email in April 2019. Their representatives were invited to the Sharing & Reuse Awards Conference on 11 June 2019 in Bucharest, Romania and were be given the opportunity to present their solution.

More information on the application process is available on the Joinup page

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