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White Paper on the future of Europe: reflections and scenarios for the EU27

The debate on the future of Europe is ongoing. We would like to hear your opinion on the White Paper. Please let us know what you think.

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The white paper presented by the European Commission on 1 March sets out possible paths for the future of Europe. We face a great many challenges, from globalisation, to the impact of new technologies on society and jobs, to security concerns and the rise of populism, and we must ensure we are not overwhelmed but rather that we seize the opportunities that these trends present.

This is why the white paper offers five scenarios for the Union's evolution, depending on the choices we will make.

The white paper marks the start, not the end, of this debate. The next step was the Rome Summit on 25 March. There, leaders of the European Union came together to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, reflecting on past achievements and debating what our shared future could and should look like.

Work is continuing in earnest so that we have a plan, a vision and a way forward to present to the people by the time we hold European Parliament elections in June 2019.

It is for all of us to have a say: we have Europe's future in our own hands.