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EU policies

The EU and VAT

Tax is a sensitive subject - nobody enjoys paying it, but it's necessary to provide us with essential state infrastructure and services. We all pay tax one way or another,...Read more

Research and Innovation

Research and innovation are key components in securing Ireland’s economic future and they’re at the heart of the European Commission’s policies to boost jobs, growth and investment. Successful research and...Read more


/ireland/file/migration1jpg_enmigration1.jpg copyright The European Commission is developing stronger common migration and asylum policies to address migratory pressures at Europe’s borders. Europe needs migrants to tackle its demographic decline but disorderly...Read more

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

The European Union and the United States are currently negotiating a crucial trade agreement that will help create hundreds of thousands of jobs and pump billions of euros into economies...Read more

The Common Fisheries Policy

/ireland/file/fisheries-trawler-newjpg_enfisheries-trawler-new.jpg copyright As an island nation fishing has always been economically and socially important to Ireland. The natural, clean water around Ireland’s 7,500km of coastline has provided exceptionally good seafood...Read more

The Environment

/ireland/file/environment-introjpg_enenvironment-intro.jpg copyright Ireland’s clean, fresh air and lush green landscapes attract millions of visitors every year and our natural, unspoilt environment is famous throughout the world. Caring and protecting our...Read more

The Economy

As a small open economy Ireland’s financial fortunes are largely dependent on international trade and influenced by global markets. That means it’s important to build overseas partnerships and being part...Read more


Rich, fertile soil, a mild climate and all that rain we love complaining about makes Ireland perfect for farming, and we’ve taken advantage of that fact for generations. Agriculture has...Read more

Key EU Policies for Ireland

The EU is active in a wide range of policy areas, from human rights to transport and trade. Click on the links below for up-to-date information on the following key...Read more
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