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The European Commission Representation in Ireland


Image from the cover of the brochure
Image from the cover of the brochure
The European Commission Representation in Ireland is part of the Commission’s network of  representative offices throughout the Member States of the European Union. We are the Commission’s voice in Ireland and we aim to communicate EU affairs at both national and local levels. We provide information on European affairs to the general public, stakeholders and the media, including through our website, social media, publications, events, meetings and educational visits.

We also gather information and keep the Commission in Brussels informed of various political, social and economic developments in Ireland. As part of its listening function, the Representation conducts public consultations on various ideas that the Commission is developing. We organise ‘Citizens’ Dialogues’ to exchange views with the public on European issues. We want to ensure that citizens’ voices in Ireland are heard in Brussels.

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60 Good Reasons for the EU – Why we need European Union


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The European idea was put into words on 9 May 1950 by the French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman. The aim was to bind European nations together with such strong economic ties in the service of peace that war between them would no longer be possible. The founding of the European Coal and Steel Community in 1952 was the first step and was followed by the Treaties of Rome in 1957, which marked the beginning of Europe’s peace project. Today more than half a billion Europeans live in peace and freedom – thanks to the EU.

Published to mark the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaties of Rome, this publication details 60 good reasons to be part of the EU, ranging from peace and security to economic prosperity, consumer rights, environmental protection, education and research cooperation, etc.

This publication can be downloaded here.

Ireland's Economic Future - An EU perspective


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"Ireland's Economic Future - An EU perspective" looks at Ireland's emergence from the economic crisis to become one of the EU’s fastest growing economies. It also looks at the new challenges facing Ireland and the EU's role in helping Ireland to overcome these challenges.

The brochure can be downloaded here.

The EU in your county

The EU has made a major contribution to Ireland’s economic and social development since we joined the Common Market in 1973.

At a local level too, the EU has made a real difference to people’s lives. Over the last 45 years, the EU has provided significant funding to a wide range of projects and initiatives all over Ireland. It is also important to remember that, in addition to large infrastructure projects, the EU has funded many local initiatives which are aimed at improving the day-to-day lives of people in small but important ways.

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