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Citizens optimistic about Ireland's EU future - Latest national Eurobarometer results


View of Henry St, Dublin
View of Henry St, Dublin

The latest national Eurobarometer report for Ireland finds little public support for an "Irexit".

Just published, the latest Eurobarometer national report analyses data collected last November in over 1000 face-to-face interviews.

The full report for Ireland can be downloaded here.


Speaking today about whether the Brexit situation was affecting Irish public opinion, the author of the report Dr Stephen Quinlan said: "There is little evidence to suggest that we are seeing Eurosceptic sentiment taking hold in Ireland. Responses to questions about attachment to the EU and questions regarding Ireland's future within the EU remain remarkably consistent over time with an average two-thirds of citizens responding positively to the latter."

With regard to a so-called "Irexit", the poll showed that 66% believe that Ireland is better off inside the EU, while only 28% disagree.

The poll showed that the proportion of Irish people with a positive image of the EU (59%) is the highest since 2009 and the highest in the EU at present.

When asked about their attachment to the EU, 62% of Irish citizens reported feeling attached to the EU – the highest in 15 years.

The poll showed that Irish people are among the most optimistic regarding their economic expectations in the next twelve months. For example, 45 % expect the employment situation to improve while 44 % believe the economy will improve. Furthermore, 72% described the Irish economy as ‘good’ - the highest proportion of citizens saying this since 2007.

Dr. Stephen Quinlan is Senior Researcher in political science at the GESIS- Leibniz Institute in Mannheim, Germany. He has been the author of Eurobarometer reports for Ireland going back to 2009. His research interests focus on electoral behaviour in a comparative perspective, the impact of social media on electoral behaviour, and attitudes towards the EU. He has published in a range of international peer-reviewed journals and is currently writing a chapter on political leaders in the 2016 Irish general election for the forthcoming book “The Post Crisis Irish Voter”, due out in 2018 (Ed. By Marsh, Farrell, Reidy).

Download the Ireland report here.