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Little public support for "Irexit" - Latest national Eurobarometer results

The latest national Eurobarometer report for Ireland has found little public support for an "Irexit".

Just published, the latest Eurobarometer national report analyses data collected last November in over 1000 face-to-face interviews.

The full report for Ireland can be downloaded here.


Speaking today about whether there was any spill-over of Brexit into Irish public opinion, the author of the report Dr Stephen Quinlan said: " I found no evidence here of any mushrooming Euroscepticism in Ireland. However, a significant proportion of Irish people are distrustful of the EU. There is a direct correlation between levels of education and levels of distrust in the EU - levels of trust rise in proportion to levels of education. We can also see that there is a not insignificant proportion of neutral opinion."

On any so-called "Irexit", the poll showed that 67% disagree that Ireland would be better outside of the EU, while only 25% agree, ranking Ireland the 7th most in favour of remaining in the EU across Europe.  

On the EU's main policies, 90% of those surveyed are in favour of freedom of movement of other EU nationals (EU average 81%) and 85% are "for" economic and monetary union, including the euro (EU average 70%).

Dr. Stephen Quinlan is Senior Researcher in political science at the GESIS- Leibniz Institute in Mannheim, Germany. He has been the author of Eurobarometer reports for Ireland for five years. His research interests focus on electoral behaviour in a comparative perspective, the impact of social media on electoral behaviour, and attitudes towards the EU. He has published in a range of international peer-reviewed journals and is currently writing a chapter on political leaders in the 2016 Irish general election for the forthcoming book “The Irish Voter” (Ed. By Marsh, Farrell, Reidy).