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The Executive Board of the Conference on the Future of Europe, comprising representatives from the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission, is launching the multilingual digital platform for the Conference on the Future of Europe inviting all EU citizens to contribute to shaping their own future and that of Europe as a whole. The platform is available in 24 languages, allowing citizens from across the Union to share and exchange their ideas and views through online events.


Infographic: EU Crime Strategy

The European Commission presented today a new EU Strategy to tackle Organised Crime, focusing on boosting law enforcement and judicial cooperation, tackling organised crime structures and high priority crimes, removing criminal profits and ensuring a modern response to technological developments. The Commission also presented  a new EU Strategy on Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings focusing on preventing the crime, bringing traffickers to justice and protecting and empowering victims.



Students taking part in the 2020 Model Council debate

The Model Council of the European Union is an annual debate for secondary schools organised by the European Commission Representation in Ireland in conjunction with the European Parliament Liaison Office in Ireland.  The debate is a simulation of a meeting of the Council of the European Union. Each EU Member State is represented by a team of students from a secondary school. For a list of participating schools, see here.

The debate will be live streamed below.

23/04/2020 to 23/04/2021


Robert Schuman
Robert Schuman

Europe Day held on 9 May every year celebrates peace and unity in Europe. The date marks the anniversary of the historic 'Schuman declaration'. At a speech in Paris in 1950, Robert Schuman, the then French foreign minister, set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe, which would make war between Europe's nations unthinkable.

His vision was to create a European institution that would pool and manage coal and steel production. A treaty creating such a body was signed just under a year later. Schuman's proposal is considered to be the beginning of what is now the European Union.

07/05/2021 to 09/05/2021