Representation in Ireland




Infographic chowing rate of approval for measures taken by the EU institutions

Irish people overwhelmingly approve the measures that the EU institutions are taking to fight the coronavirus outbreak with 71% declaring that they are satisfied with them, the highest rating among the EU nations, the latest Eurobarometer figures released earlier today show.

Irish public opinion also has the most trust in the EU at 73% and over 71% of people have a positive image of the EU. The Irish are also the most optimistic about the future of the EU with 81% of people sharing this view, while 83% of Irish citizens identify themselves as EU citizens too, according to the survey.



Illustrative infographic about the vaccines strategy

As Europe learns to live with the pandemic, the development and swift global deployment of safe and effective vaccines against COVID-19 remains an essential element in the eventual solution to the public health crisis. In this context, the Commission is working to ensure that there will be access to safe vaccines across Europe, and encourages a coordinated approach of vaccination strategies for deployment of the vaccines.



Visual promoting the event

Are you interested in learning more about career opportunities for Irish speakers in the European Union’s institutions?



Image of previous workshop

On Tuesday, 3 November, the European Commission will run a special workshop – Translation as a career – in conjunction with University College Dublin (UCD).  This workshop will take place online and is aimed at students in fifth year in secondary school who have a high level of Irish.  European Commission translators will provide an outline of their work and University lecturers will set out the courses available to learn the skills required to become a translator.  Students will then have an opportunity to try their own hand at translation (translating short texts from English to Irish).