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The European Commission has developed a large variety of resources, including downloadable booklets and wall charts as well as interactive games, to help students learn about the European Union.

See here for the full list of booklets published by the EU.

Learning Corner website

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The Learning Corner is a website for children, young people and teachers.

If you're a primary or secondary school pupil, this is where you’ll find games, competitions and activity books to help you discover the EU in a fun way, in the classroom or at home. You can also find out more about studying or volunteering abroad.

If you're a teacher and want to help your pupils learn about the EU and how it works, this is a source of teaching material for all age groups. As well as finding inspiration for lesson plans, you can also discover networking opportunities with other schools and teachers across the 

EU & Me

If you are between 14 and 18 and interested in finding out more about the European Union — then this publication is for you!

It will tell you how the European Union was built, what values we share, who does what in the EU and how all of this is relevant to your daily life. You will also learn about the many challenges that the EU deals with today, challenges that will also shape your future.

An online quiz accompanies this booklet and is a fun way to revisit some of the issues covered.

EU and Me

Europe better together

How can we live together? What’s our shared history?

How do the European Union institutions work?

Have fun reading about and (re)discovering the European Union.

Europe better together

Let’s explore Europe!

We come from different countries and speak different languages, but this continent is the home we share.

Come with us and let’s explore Europe together! It will be an adventurous journey through time and space and you’ll find out loads of interesting things.

Let's explore Europe