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45 stories celebrating 45 years of Ireland's EU membership


Image from the cover of the brochure
Image from the cover of the brochure

As a nation, most of us aren’t old enough to remember what living in Ireland was like before we joined the European Union 45 years ago. It’s undoubtedly the most significant step the country has taken on its journey as an independent nation, and there are certainly a lot more than 45 reasons to celebrate being part of Europe’s family of nations.

European Union membership has helped improve almost every aspect of Irish life, from how we work, travel and shop to the quality of our environment, our opportunities for learning and the way our businesses buy and sell their goods and services.  Being a Member State has greatly facilitated our move from an antiquated, agricultural dependent economy into a modern one largely driven by hi-tech industry and global exports.

To celebrate our 45 years of EU membership, we’ve put together 45 stories that illustrate just some of the ways Ireland has benefited over the past four and a half decades.

The "45 inspiring stories celebrating Ireland's 45 years of EU membership" brochure can be downloaded here.

Videos of some of the EU 45 stories are available on our Youtube channel.