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Go live

The purpose of this phase is to make a finished, validated site available to and known to the public or to the intended target audience of the site.



This section provides a comprehensive review of the series of actions necessary to bring a site “to life”, including publicity-related actions aimed to connect the site with its intended audience, technical actions such as the transfer of the final site onto servers in DIGIT-DC and the final checks to be done before shift to production mode, as well as the necessary planning, follow-up and co-ordination related activities. Other actions for specialised sites may also be needed, such as training, dissemination of more detailed documentation on the site, etc.



  • Transfer site to test environment (where applicable with an assistance of DIGIT/DC)
  • Final checking (quality assurance) of the website on the production server
  • CAB approval for putting an dynamic application into production (prerequisite:
    • tests (functional, performance, failover) performed successfully
    • the monitoring in place
    • configuration management database updated
  • Transfer site to production server(s)
  • Final checking of the site on the production server
  • Start implementing promotion strategy (make sure your site can be found in search engines)
  • Execute cross-promotion with external entities
  • Coordinate external events integration with site
  • Site hand-over
  • Training

Quality assurance/ Evaluation criteria

The content to be publish must be compliant with IPG publishing rules, validated against QC checklist.



  • Completed and final version of site
  • Checklist of the reception procedure (DIGIT-DC)
  • Communications strategy
  • Promotion plan
  • Quality control report(s)
  • Corrected version of the site
  • Accesses granted to the test and production environments
  • Transfer request


  • Dynamic application Sign-off (DIGIT-DC)
  • Site in production (online)
  • Distributed publicity materials
  • Transfer report