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Building your website

The purpose of this phase is to build and integrate all the components and elements of the site in accordance with all applicable requirements and constraints.



This section provides detailed information on the actual work to be done to build a website during the lifecycle and process of site development and construction. This implementation-related information is broken down into various technical steps and activities, not all of which may be applicable for all the different types of websites that are covered by the IPG. The different standards that apply and other guidelines to be followed in order to prepare an IPG-compliant website are important inputs to these various activities.



  • Construction of all site pages, completely filled out with content
  • Creation of CSS, HTML, PDF, XSLT, XML, RSS, iPod files or any other formats needed
  • Programming, scripting, editing
  • Adaptation of pages for different devices (PDA, mobiles, printers)
  • Uploading of data, installation of an application database at DIGIT/Data Centre
  • Proofreading of all site content (text) in all languages
  • Detailed testing (functional) of database and programming functionality (prerequisite installation at DIGIT/Data Centre)
  • Testing and verification of database reporting features
  • Testing of site reader support features
  • Validation towards the IPG quality control checklist
  • Making archives/backup of all site components including: HTML code, programming code and any other site development materials
  • Request tailored statistical reportRestricted area: This link points to internal pages and may not work if you are browsing as an external user. to DG COMM, EUROPA team
  • Mapping (redirection, flexible redirection, short address – alias, reverse proxy)
  • Request the indexation by the EUROPA searchengine

Quality Assurance/ Evaluation criteria

Quality Plan



  • Site working models (templates)
  • Detailed site architecture
  • Content components and their respective translations
  • Prepared site content (text, A/V, other)
  • Beta test ready site
  • Test plan
  • Test scenarios
  • Graphic design specifications for all page types
  • Site thumbnails, and roughs (Graphics/Interface deign Models, graphic design and interface design sketches)
  • Non-text content (Illustrations, Photography, other A/V, etc.)
  • Text, edited and proofread
  • Finished HTML template(s)
  • Finished examples of key pages
  • Interface design and master page precise layout
  • JavaScript scripts, Java applets, etc.


  • Database tables and programming (Queries, procedures, etc.)
  • Finished HTML for all web pages (static sites)
  • Finished navigation link structure
  • All programming in place and linked to pages, ready for beta testing
  • All database components in place and linked to site pages
  • All graphic design, illustration, and photography in place
  • Designed and tested customised search functionality
  • Test reports