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CREST cross-border collaboration Decision Guide

This series of questions, referred to as the CREST Collaboration Decision Guide, is designed to help potential R&D collaborators, such as a business (in particular a SME) and a public research organisation, to decide the best way to arrange matters in their collaboration agreement.

The first section [ - 57Kb] introduces the background and context to these questions and should be read as preparation for using and understanding the Guide.

The Decision guide itself has two Steps. The First Step (implemented as an interactive tool) allows the user to focus on identifying what issues need to be covered in the collaboration agreement and also to think about the relative importance of these issues. The Second Step [ - 28Kb] makes sure that the collaboration agreement takes into account the cross-border aspects.

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This Guide was developed by an expert group appointed by CREST – the European Union committee for scientific and technical research – under the Open Method of Coordination. The full report [ - 759Kb] of this expert group is complemented with appendices [ - 720Kb] containing in particular "fact sheets" summarising salient features of Member States' knowledge transfer regimes and systems.

Intellectual Property Right Interactive Visualisation Tool

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This Decision Guide should in no way be regarded as a substitute for proper legal advice.

Neither the European Commission, nor CREST, nor any person acting on behalf of the CREST expert group on IPR or the Commission, is responsible for the use which might be made of this information. The content and views expressed in this Guide do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the Member States or the European Commission.





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