International Partnerships

Decent work and economic growth

The 8th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG8) aims at ensuring inclusive and sustainable economic growth around the world, notably by:

  • achieving full employment, decent and productive work for all, and equal pay for equal work by 2030
  • ending forced labour and child labour by 2025 and address informal work, to which women and children are the most exposed
  • supporting investment, entrepreneurship, and innovation to boost job creation

According to the UN, nearly 2.2 billion people live below the poverty line and it becomes always harder to find decent jobs. Globally, 200 million people are unemployed and 1.4 billion people are in vulnerable jobs, with 783 million who are working poor. The global gender pay gap stands at 23% and, without significant efforts, it will take another 68 years to achieve equal pay. Additionally, informal work, associated with poor employment conditions, is often the norm when it comes to employment in partner countries and remains an important challenge to address.  

Our commitment to SDG8 is an essential foundation of our development cooperation. We promote high standards for working conditions and actively help our partner countries address informal work, especially in sectors with the strongest multiplier potential for our partner countries’ economy, such as agriculture and energy. We also support our partner countries’ efforts to end child labour, close the gender pay gap, and create more quality jobs for their growing workforce.

Our impact

  • Results 2020 - Skills and Vocational Training