International Partnerships

Gender equality

The 5th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG5) aims at eliminating all forms of gender-based discrimination and violence everywhere in the world by 2030, and guaranteeing all women and girls equal opportunities and rights to empower them to be full members of society.

According to the UN, 143 countries in the world legally guarantee equality between men and women. But in practice, gender inequalities still subsist in most parts of the world. Women and girls represent half of the world’s population and yet, their potential remains mainly untapped because they are too often still subject to sexual or physical abuse and exploitation, victims of harmful traditions and practices, denied their right to an education and healthcare, discriminated on the work market, denied their right to participate in elections etc.

Gender equality is one of our core values and has been enshrined in European law for decades. We are therefore highly committed to reaching SDG5. We fund initiatives that empower women and girls, and guarantee their fundamental rights, safety, and physical integrity in our partner countries. We also advocate for the removal of legal obstacles, social norms, and stereotypes that still discriminate women and girls. Between 2007 and 2013, we committed over € 1.2 billion to support such actions in our partner countries.