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SMART Myanmar II

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Despite some progress, Myanmar’s garment industry still lacks awareness in the principles of sustainable consumption and production (SCP) and social responsibility. Garment companies need to comply with environmental and social standards to regain access to international markets. Thus, the social and environmental conditions, especially for workers in the sector, are being reviewed.

Key information

Total budget
EUR 2 777 629.59
EU contribution
EUR 2 499 866.69
January 2016 to December 2019
Implementing organisation
sequa gGmbH


The project is contributing to a switch to sustainable garment consumption patterns and promoting sustainable growth of Myanmar’s garment sector. More specifically the project aims at institutionalising, up-scaling and replicating successful SCP practices in the garment sector developed and implemented during the SMART Myanmar I project.

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Way forward

  • training SCP consultants on sustainable production and compliance with international standards
  • carrying out social compliance academies to improve working conditions in garment factories
  • conducting workshops with banks on green finance
  • launching a branding and communication initiative “Made in Myanmar” to inform European and Myanmar consumers
  • building the capacity of female workers to claim their rights
  • identifying good practice companies and honouring the best ones
  • initiating public private dialogues on sustainable public procurement
  • advocating SCP-related issues with government institutions.
copyright SWITCH Asia
copyright SWITCH Asia