International Partnerships

Our work

The EU is an active player in the development field. We promote good governance, human and economic development, and tackle global issues, such as fighting poverty, hunger and preserving natural resources. Our development efforts are comprehensive, coherent, and effective. We coordinate our work with EU member countries, build international partnerships, involve all relevant stakeholders in our development efforts, and partner with developing countries to achieve their ambitions. Our development cooperation focuses on results, transparency, and mutual accountability.

Global Europe is the EU’s main financing tool contributing to eradicate poverty and promote sustainable development, prosperity, peace and stability.

Our priorities

A stronger global actor – The EU has set priorities for its external cooperation to face global challenges, promote its values and contribute to peace and prosperity in the world. 

The EU’s International Partnerships focus on 5 main priority areas which have been set by the European Commission.

Sustainable Development Goals

The EU has actively contributed to the development of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Together with our member countries, we are committed to achieving them.

Where we work

We implement programmes and projects around the world, wherever assistance is needed. We tailor our support to fit the region or country being helped. Programmes with a global reach allow the EU to provide similar support to countries facing similar problems.