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Lorenzo Natali Media Prize

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2022 #NataliPrize

Applications for the 2022 Lorenzo Natali Media Prize are now closed. Winners will be revealed in June 2022.

The Prize at a Glance

For three decades, the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize (#NataliPrize) has honoured the courage of journalists whose stories shine a light on the common challenges facing our planet and its people. Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize returns to support international partnerships and inspire a new generation of reporters. It rewards excellent reporting on the topics of: 

  • inequality
  • poverty eradication
  • sustainable development
  • environment, biodiversity, climate action
  • digital
  • jobs and employment
  • education and skills development
  • migration
  • healthcare
  • peace, democracy and human rights

The #NataliPrize was created by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Partnerships (DG INTPA), and named after Lorenzo Natali, a precursor to the international partnerships approach to global challenges impacting society.

2021 Winners

Grand Prize

Pari Saikia for "Rohingya Brides Thought They Were Fleeing Violence. Then They Met Their Grooms”, a story on the exploitation of Rohingya refugee women exposing the drivers and the methods used in trafficking women in the region published on Vice Media India.

Europe Prize: 

Maria Altimira Lazaro for “Abusos en los campos de fresas”  published in Diario Ara. A piece that shines a light on the labour and sexual abuse suffered by farm workers, and attempts to hold oversight agencies accountable for abuses happening on their watch.

Best Emerging Journalist Prize:

Srishti Jaswal, writing in Stories Asia, for “The Global Hunger Index Reveals India's Ignored Hunger Crisis”, an investigation reveals India's hidden hunger crisis and the under-reporting of deaths due to starvation.

Categories and Prize

  1. Grand Prize: reporting published by a media based in one of the European Union’s partner countries. 
  2. Europe Prize: reporting published by a media based in the European Union (not including the United Kingdom). 
  3. Best Emerging Journalist Prize: open to journalists under 30 whose reporting was published by a media based in the European Union (not including the United Kingdom) or in one of its partner countries

The winner in each category will receive €10,000. The winner of the Best Emerging Journalist category will also be offered a work experience opportunity with a media partner. Categories will not be awarded if quality is not met.

The full list of eligible countries can be found here.

Sebastien Roux wins 2019 Lorenzo Natali Media Prize

The #NataliPrize Community

Past Winners

The Natali Prize has recognised 101 journalists since it was launched in 1992. Browse the map to view past winners in the countries where their winning work was published.

Who is Lorenzo Natali?

Lorenzo Natali was a Commissioner for Development and a staunch defender of freedom of expression, democracy, human rights and development. He served three terms as one of Italy’s European Commissioners.

Natali played an important role in the EU accession process of Greece, Spain and Portugal. He also helped enact key measures to combat pollution and improve living conditions across Europe. In his final four-year term as Commissioner, from 1985 until 1989, he was handed responsibility for cooperation and development policy in the Commission under President Jacques Delors. It was in this capacity that he set up a broad network of relations with the governments and leaders of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.