International Partnerships

Looking for funding

Are you a non-profit organisation or a company working in the development field? Wish to learn more on how to apply for funding

We offer different types of support to partner countries.  We provide funding in the form of grants to support projects and organisations in achieving development objectives. We also offer public contracts, provide budget, and sector support.


We grant financial donations to development organisations leading projects or operations that are in line with our external action objectives.


Through calls for tenders, we award procurement contracts when we need to purchase services, supplies or works, in the context of our external action. 

Apply for a grant

Step 1. Register your organisation

  • Create your EU Login account using your professional e-mail address EU login
  • Set your password
  • Once you have your username and password login to PADOR to create your account

Offline registration

Should you have any technical problems registering with PADOR, you may use the offline registration form

Or contact IT application support

For more detailed information on PADOR, visit our wiki

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    Step 2. Apply for a call

    • Once you have registered in PADOR, you may apply for a call for proposal using the online system.
    • Receive automatic notifications to follow-up your application in real time.
    • PROSPECT: ‘e-Calls PROSPECT is the electronic submission of applications platform for calls for proposals Apply for a call for proposals
    • Eligibility criteria box: Access to EU external assistance concern nationality and origin. Rules are listed in the Practical Guide PRAG

    For more detailed information on PROSPECT, visit our wiki

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    Apply for a tender

    Step 1. Prior information notice - check information notice

    Step 2. Contract notice - Determines the scope and the type of contract, the maximum available budget and type of procedure. Pay attention to deadline for submission of applications

    Step 3. Shortlist - in case of restricted procedure, a shortlist of selected candidates is drawn-up and selected candidates receive invitation to tender

    Step 4. Invitation to tender - for open procedures, the tender dossier contains all instructions on how to submit tenders

    Step 5. Evaluation - the Evaluation Committee evaluates the tenders

    Step 6. Contract award - the committee recommends that the contract is granted to a successful tenderer or to cancel the procedure. The contracting authority then takes the decision to award the contract or cancel the procedure

    Step 7. Standstill period - The contract can only be signed after the expiry of the standstill period. The duration of the standstill period is 10 calendar days when using electronic means or 15 days when using other means, starting from the day following the date on which the notification to tenderers was sent. The obligation to respect a standstill period only applies to contracts from €300 000 for service and supply contracts and €5 000 000 for works contracts. 

    Step 8. Contract Signature – The successful and unsuccessful tenderers are notified of the award decision. After the lapse of standstill period, the contract is signed and the award notice is published.

    How to submit your tender for SIEA and AUDIT framework contracts

    All the Framework Contractors for SIEA and AUDIT Framework Contracts have been registered in the Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal and have received their validated PIC numbers, so no further registration is necessary.

    Invitations to submit a tender will be sent to the shortlisted Framework Contractors via the Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal, where they are requested to:

    Step 1. Acknowledge the invitation

    Step 2. Express their willingness to participate in the tender

    Step 3. Prepare, validate and submit their offer

    Step 4. Upon receiving the Award Letter, confirm the availability of the Experts

    Step 5. Sign the contract electronically

    For more detailed information on how to submit your tender, visit our wiki



    The Practical Guide explains contracting procedures for EU external aid contracts financed by the EU general budget (Budget) and the European Development Fund (EDF).

    EU International Partnerships Academy

    Access our e-learning courses on Financial & Contractual Procedures.

    INTPA Companion

    The Companion provides guidance and instructions to support staff of the European Union when implementing procurement contracts in the context of external actions.