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Faces2Hearts - Travel far, get closer

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You surely remember the amazing stories of our 4 young bloggers who travelled across 3 continents last year? This year we are sending 20 vloggers to report from Argentina, Bhutan, Cape Verde, Jamaica, Myanmar, Namibia, Pakistan, Paraguay, Sierra Leone and The Gambia.

Faces2Hearts has paired a local vlogger and a European vlogger to discover communities beyond faces and reveal compelling stories to the world. Each pair will travel in one of the ten selected countries looking for stories of positive change.

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Follow the adventure!

The vloggers

A jury selected 20 young people from hundreds of applicants aged between 20 and 35 who had sent amazing videos to present themselves.

Discover who they are

Faces2Hearts in NAMIBIA: Fighting climate change at Nyae Nyae Conservancy

Faces2Hearts in PARAGUAY: Women Leaders of Itapúa

Faces2Hearts ARGENTINA - Sexual Education for Violence Prevention. Spotlight tackles a huge issue.

Our first edition

faces2hearts 2018 bloggers

What is Faces2Heart about?

Faces2Hearts was launched for the first time in 2018. This worldwide blogging experience took 4 young people on a 5-month journey across 3 continents. They discovered projects that change peoples’ lives for the better, supported by the EU. And they revealed the often unreported stories of the fascinating people they met – stories of positive change and hope.

Faces2Hearts is a journey to the hearts of people. It is about the people that our 4 bloggers encountered along their journey, the environments and communities they discovered. The bloggers went beyond faces or stereotypes to reveal compelling stories to the world, stories of positive change, inspired by projects funded by the European Union: the largest development donor in the world.

Find out more: #Faces2Hearts

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