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What is the added value of Triangular Cooperation?

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The ADELANTE Program experience with the OECD’s Toolkit

The objective of the conference is twofold: on one side to present the results of the joint pilot exercise of the “Toolkit for identifying, monitoring and evaluating the valued added of Triangular Cooperation” among the OECD and the EU-LAC Facility on Triangular Cooperation (ADELANTE), and contribute to the discussions about the value added of working in trilateral partnerships. On the other, to present the second phase of ADELANTE, that has been designed taking into account the recommendations arising from this joint exercise.


Jolita Butkeviciene
Director for Latin America and the Caribbean - DG DEVCO
Ana Fernandes
Head of Foresight Outreach and Policy Reform Unit in the Development Cooperation Directorate – OECD
Nadine Piefer-Söyler
Policy Analyst in the Development Cooperation Directorate – OECD
Jovanna Calderón Altamirano
Prosecutor and Executive Coordinator of the Project for Strengthening Restorative Justice – Judicial Power of Costa Rica
Miguel Ángel Lombardo
Coordinator of the Project EVALÚA – FIIAPP

Useful information

27/01/2020 - 12:30 to 14:00
External Cooperation Infopoint
Rue de la Loi 47, Ground floor, Brussels
Spanish and English
Registration deadline
26 Jan 2020