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Implementation of the Joint Valletta Action Plan – 5 years on

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At the 2015 Valletta Summit on Migration, African and European partners agreed upon concrete and operational measures to jointly address migration issues, while recognising its benefits: this became known as the Joint Valletta Action Plan, or JVAP.

The JVAP became the Europe-Africa framework to address migration policy, with the Khartoum and Rabat Processes mandated to follow-up on the implementation of the JVAP, there­by making their respective participating states, and organisations, JVAP Partners.

To support the implementation, monitoring and reporting on the JVAP, a dedicated component within the Support Programme to the Africa-EU Migration and Mobility Dialogue (MMD) – called the Join Valletta Action Plan Follow-up (JVAP FU) – was established.

A regularly updated Data­base was created to track progress made against the implementation of the JVAP, compiling all projects and policies launched since November 2015 that relate to the five domains of the JVAP. A Data Visualisation Tool (DVT) connected to the Database supports the JVAP Partners with provision of up-to-date graphics and analysis, which contribute to the discussions of the respective Dialogues.

This conference will provide more information on the JVAP Follow-up Support Team, how they support the JVAP Partners with tools and process, and how data collection is organised. It will also present data gathered over the last three data collection cycles, providing analysis of aggregate information in the form of interactive visuals.


Hans Stausboll
Head of Unit INTPA.A.2 - Regional and Multi-Country Programmes for Africa
Martijn Pluim
Director, Migration Dialogues and Cooperation, ICMPD
Ron Hendrix
Programme Manager INTPA G.6, Migration and Forced displacement
Monica Zanette
Senior Project Coordinator, MMD, ICMPD
Darlene Townsend
Project Officer, JVAP, MMD, ICMPD
Majd Nassan
Associate Project Officer, JVAP, MMD, ICMPD
Marco Sioli
Programme Officer & Exernal Relations, Regional and Multi-Country Programmes for Africa, INTPA.A.2, European Commission

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