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AgriFI, the Agriculture Financing Initiative

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EU funded impact investments in sustainble agriculture

AgriFI, the EU-funded Agriculture Financing Initiative, is a blending facility aiming to unlock, accelerate & leverage investments with a value chain approach in developing countries, focusing on smallholder's inclusiveness and/or agri-business MSMEs.

EDFI AgriFI’s mandate is to empower smallholder's inclusiveness and/or the small-scale agri-business in developing countries. By providing diversified financing instruments meeting smallholder farmers’ needs, the impact-first facility is committed to support the increase of yields at affordable rates and help raise farmer incomes. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the vulnerability of agricultural value chains, and the sector needs support from de-risking financial instruments such as EDFI AgriFI. The InfoPoint session aims to showcase the achievements of the facility and share insights on the use of EU blending instruments to unlock, accelerate and leverage sustainable agriculture finance. The event will be the opportunity to present case studies, their impact on local benficiaries and to launch the recently signed Country Windows for ACP, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

To continue the discussion, the Capacity4DEV group: Food & Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture - ROSA


Leonard Mizzi
Head of Unit, INTPA F3- Sustainable Agri-Food systems and Fisheries
Dimitry Van Raemdonck
Manager AgriFI
Escipión Joaquín Oliveira Gomez
Assistant Secretary-General in charge of the Department of Structural Economic Transformation and Trade, OACPS
Cristina Vicente Ruiz
AgriFI manager, INTPA F3
Camille Richer
President, Microfinance Solidaire
Elia Timotheo
Founder and CEO of East Africa Fruits

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18/02/2022 - 11:00 to 12:30
International Partnerships InfoPoint
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