International Partnerships

Digital content production guidelines

These guidelines are designed to support the Headquarters of the Directorate-General for International Partnerships, the EU Delegations and the external service providers to produce powerful, contemporary and consistent digital content, which reflects the EU International Partnerships brand. They cover verbal and visual content designed for web and social media and apply to the different elements such as texts, videos and photos.

They complement the Digital Style Guide (PDF - 6MB)

    Scope of the guidelines

    • Respect a multichannel approach so that content can be adapted to several platforms and purposes to ensure maximum cross-promotion. These guidelines cover written, photography and video content designed primarily for publication on web and social media.
    • Content should also be adaptable to other formats, including but not limited to op-eds, speeches, factsheets and publications and internal communication.

    Tone of voice

    Our tone of voice and our choice of imagery need to be decisive, communicate positive progress and inspire action for what we need to do next.

    Content types and approaches

    We focus on: Stories and storytelling, Informative content, Inspiring content and Social media content.


    Powerful photography requires skill and planning to capture the right shot, and should be considered a key component of any story.


    Whether human-centred or information-driven, video plays an important role in communicating both policy messages and impact.

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