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Digital content production guidelines - Tone of Voice

We are working to change the world for the better. Every bit of our knowledge and expertise goes into creating better lives for everyone. We showcase our work with positive, inspiring and challenging communications. Our tone of voice and our choice of imagery need to be decisive, communicate positive progress and inspire action for what we need to do next.

We focus on simple, clear and understandable communication, emphasising positive expressions of our mission, values and work. By being outcome-focused, we demonstrate our role in achieving life- and world-changing results.

Tone of Voice principles

  • Professional yet human: Being an expert does not mean using difficult language. If your audience understands you better, they will feel more involved and a relationship can be built.
  • Complete yet concise: Identify one clear main message and keep that at the centre of your communication. By doing so, your audience will remember it better and act accordingly.
  • Sincere yet positive: You are often talking about human struggles and it is not always fun, but keep a positive mindset because that is what keeps people going in difficult situations. Be sincere above all about EU’s progress and intentions.

Characteristics: Human, inclusive, inspirational, ambitious, bold, expert, trusted

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