International Partnerships

2020 Annual Report

In 2019, the EU continued to be the driving force of multilateralism and the global rules-based international order. In our globalised, connected world, a challenge for one is a challenge for all of us. Solutions to these global challenges, as ever, require international cooperation. They must be based on peace, stability, the rule of law, including compliance with international humanitarian law, and respect of human rights. These values are at the heart of our European Union (EU) and shape our policies both internally and externally, helping us fight inequalities to build just and sustainable societies that embrace human development and enable our younger generations to fulfil their potential.

This 2020 Annual Report covering actions in 2019 presents many positive stories which are a tiny fraction of the continuing work the EU does to deliver tangible, substantial and sustainable results for people in Europe and around the world. As we close one decade and open a new one, the EU will continue to harness all the power of our international partnerships to fight inequalities and build a more sustainable and inclusive world for all.

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