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The United Kingdom withdrew from the EU on 31 January, 2020. The 2020 edition of the Single Market Scoreboard refers to time periods preceding the withdrawal of the UK, and the UK is therefore listed as a Member State.

Performance per policy area

Good and efficient national implementation and application of Single Market rules is crucial if the full potential of the Single Market is to be reaped.

The reports provided by various governance tools show how the Members States are performing, where achievements could be registered and where progress still has to be made.

To complete this picture, reports on Policy areas have been introduced. These reports are based on clear, pre-defined indicators which can help us measure the performance of Member States against the objectives as laid down in Single Market law or the EU Treaty. These indicators are, of course, a simplification of reality and can only serve as an “early warning mechanism” for pointing to potential weaknesses in application. Several representative indicators per policy area taken together can, however, show patterns of good or less successful application of the rules by Member States, and serve as incentives to Member States for improving their performance and learning from the “best practices” of others