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The United Kingdom withdrew from the EU on 31 January, 2020. The 2020 edition of the Single Market Scoreboard refers to time periods preceding the withdrawal of the UK, and the UK is therefore listed as a Member State.
Reporting period:
01/2019 – 12/2019

The Your Europe portal helps people and companies looking to move and/or do business in the EU. It does so by providing clear information on their rights in the Single Market and showing them who they can turn to for help.

National governments support the website by:

  • contributing content (national rules implementing the Single Market)
  • promoting it (own citizens and businesses).

Putting user needs first, the multilingual portal has two separate sections: Citizens and Business.

Both EU institutions and national governments provide content.

Your Europe and the Single Market Scoreboard – why does it matter?

By ensuring that EU nationals and businesses know their rights and obligations, the Commission creates the basic conditions for the Single market to function well:

  • informed citizens and entrepreneurs can make the most of their rights
  • public administrations are less burdened by a lack of compliance due to missing information.

Key messages

  • 35.7 million visits to Your Europe in 2019 (record-high)
  • 48 % growth over 2018
  • 92 % of visitors are satisfied with Your Europe

Map legend

A Member State’s overall performance across all 3 indicators is calculated by scoring each indicator as follows:

The average is calculated and the appropriate colour assigned.

Main findings

This map shows the extent to which EU countries are contributing to Your Europe. Greece and Latvia made very good progress on providing national information.

Trend numbers in terms of visits*

* limited to visits from EU countries and associated countries, excluding non-EU countries.

Main findings
  • Portal attracting more and more visitors – 3 million monthly visits on average in 2019 (2 million in 2018)
  • Continued high level of satisfaction – 92 % “satisfied” or “very satisfied” according to online surveys

Performance indicators

[1] Answers received (by 31 January 2020) by the Editorial Board from their national administration to requests for information for Your Europe requests answered in full some answers none
[2] Attendance at two Editorial Board meetings during the reporting period attended twice attended once no attendance
[3] Traffic from government pages to Your Europe and promotional activity requested by members of the Editorial Board both traffic & promotion either traffic or reported promotion no traffic & no promotion


  • Commission:
    • contribute to its political projects, in particular the Single Digital Gateway
    • improve EU content
    • keep content focused on users’ needs
    • increase public awareness and improve web visibility


Your Europe-Citizens
  • EU content
    • New content on getting public documents (issued by a public authority) accepted in the EU, EU rules on the property regimes of international couples who are married or in a registered partnership, geo-blocking (restricted access to internet content based on the user’s location), mobile call charges within the EU.
    • Updated content on e-prescriptions, posted workers and social security for posted workers, European elections and elections abroad, roaming, double taxation, air passenger rights, travellers with reduced mobility.
  • New interactive content
    • European elections
    • Residence rights
    • Professional qualifications
    • Shopping section (helping consumers with guarantees and returns issues)
    • Parcel services
    • VAT when buying or selling a car
    • Travel documents for non-EU family members
    • Passenger rights (rail, bus, coach, ship).
  • National content
    • New content for Greece and Latvia
    • Updated content for European elections
    • National information on car registration documents and on periodic roadworthiness tests for vehicles and trailers
    • Updated information on expired passports and unaccompanied minors
    • Updated information on income taxes abroad.
Your Europe-Business
  • EU content
    • New content on using, storing and transferring data, geo-blocking, intellectual property rights (patents, copyright, trademarks, databases, trade secrets, geographical indications, IP commercialisation and IP infringements), parcel services,
    • Updated content on posted workers, energy labels, health and safety at work, CE marking, public procurement rules, search and bid for a public tender, request a review of a public procurement procedure, selling products in the EU, late payment.
  • New interactive content
    • Late payment, including late payment calculator
    • Cross-border VAT and VAT on digital services (Mini One Stop Shop)
    • Products subject to excise duties and paying excise duties.
  • National content
    • Updated national content on company tax and VAT refunds
    • Revised content on patents
    • Updated content on excise duties
    • New content on geographical indications

Facts and figures

Visits by country* - Your Europe section

* limited to visits from EU countries and associated countries, excluding third countries.

Visits by topic – Citizens section

Visits by topic – Business section