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Single Market Scoreboard

The Single Market is based on a large body of EU law, accompanied by national trans­position measures. How­ever, it is essential to ensure that the Single Market does not exist only on paper but also in reality for citizens and businesses who want to work, travel, shop, invest or do business across borders.

This requires effective governance of the Single Market by the European Commission and by the EU and EEA Member States, as well as effective implementation “on the ground”, in the Member States.

This scoreboard aims to give an overview of the practical management of the Single Market.

The information is organised:

It not only gives a performance overview for all the Member States but also covers the results that have been achieved, the feedback received and conclusions drawn, providing a basis for future action.

In a study launched by the European Com­mission in July 2019 to “Develop an Up­graded Single Mar­ket Scoreboard as a Gover­nance Tool for the Single Market”, the Centre for Strategy and Evalu­ation Service (CSES) and its partners have run a survey.