Launched in 2014, the "Translating Europe" project brings together translation stakeholders, such as universities (in particular those belonging to the European Masters' in Translation Network), the language industry, national language institutes, translation services of the public sector (or authorities) in the Member States and professional associations.

Translating Europe aims at linking public and private translation stakeholders together, giving visibility to the role of translation, the translation profession and exchanging good practices. Translating Europe events also help to stimulate dialogue and collaborative projects between groups and individuals within translation communities.

The project consists of two parts:

Translating Europe Forum (TEF) - yearly conference in Brussels

09-11 Nov 2022

Translating Europe Forum 2022

in Brussels and Online, Belgium


Translating Europe Workshops (TEW) - smaller scale events in EU countries.

Translating Europe Workshops Visual

The workshops are part of the Translating Europe project, created to bring together translation stakeholders in Europe. They complement the yearly Forum organised in Brussels and consist of smaller scale events, targeted at specialised audiences within national translation communities.

The Translating Europe workshops are organised by Directorate-General for Translation representatives in the EU Member States, often in cooperation with universities of the European Master's in Translation.

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27-28 Oct 2016
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