2 May 2017


The European Commission intends to launch a negotiated call for tender in order to conduct a Study on the extension of Regulation on cross-border payments (Regulation EC n°924/2009) to currencies of Member States outside the Euro area.

The objective of the study is to gather evidence to support a review of Regulation EC 924/2009 as described in the Consumer Financial Services Action Plan of March 2017 - COM(2017)139 final of 23 March 2017.

The study should mainly consist in gathering data on the fees charged by payment services providers to their customers for three types of transactions and estimating the internal cost of these transactions for major payment services providers in all Member States outside the euro area and three euro area Member States. The transactions covered would consist of credit transfers, card payments and cash withdrawal. The study should assess the potential economic impact of an extension of the Regulation to all currencies of Member States of the EU.


Interested economic operators should send their manifestation of interest to participate and their details, by 02.05.2017 at the latest, to the mailbox

Please Note: This overview is for information only. If you are interested in participating in a DG FISMA negotiated procedure for low or middle value contracts, you may email your details to with a reference to the call for tenders you are interested in.

Your details will be stored in a database for the purpose of tendering only. Inclusion of your contact details does not automatically lead to invitations to tender.