How do they do it?

“We discover the products, validate the science and offer a product that can be picked up by a pharmaceutical company to be developed for the benefit of patients.”

The centre has worked on new medicines for various diseases, from AIDS to cancer to arthritis to Alzheimer’s. And thanks to EU financial backing over the years, many projects have led to important discoveries.

Tackling coronavirus

As part of an EU private-public partnership, Patrick and his team are working with academic institutions, industry and medicine authorities all over Europe and beyond to identify successful coronavirus drugs and therapies.

Drugs are useful, but isn’t a vaccine enough? Patrick has heard this question before.

“People talk a lot about finding a vaccine. But a drug is equally important. I think that in 2-3 years we could have a highly potent coronavirus drug in clinical development that could make the difference between life and death.”

As the virus will probably stay with us in the long run, we will need treatments for future outbreaks. Exploring the different forms of therapy available will be immensely beneficial for the public at large.

© European Union, 2020

Vaccine research © European Union, 2020

EU support for science

In the health sector, the EU has long been funding cutting-edge research and fostering collaboration between industry and academia. Now, during the coronavirus crisis, European citizens can enjoy the advantages of this partnership. EU funding continues to serve citizens and helps Europe navigate towards restored health and prosperity.