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Can I enter the country and travel between regions? Do I need to test or quarantine on arrival? Do I have to wear a mask? Are leisure activities open? For each country, you can find all this information, and more, thanks to Re-open EU. It’s a one-stop shop for health, safety and travel measures in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. And there’s a colour coded map so you can see the rate of coronavirus infections, as well as data on the daily number of positive cases.

For Alessandro Rainoldi, an EU scientist at the fore of the platform’s development, the tool has been a big success, with over 8 million visits since its launch in June 2020.

“We were all amazed… we could not have anticipated such a positive response.”

We got the information we need, thanks to Re-open EU

The website is now also available as a handy app for your smartphone.

The tool has been incredibly useful for Europeans who wanted to reunite with family and friends across the continent, but also for companies who carry out business all over the Union. Some users were so happy they left us testimonials.

Man using Re-open EU, ©European Union, 2020

Man using Re-open EU © European Union, 2020


Geoffrey works for the Belgian police at Brussels South Charleroi Airport. For him, Re-open EU has been so handy, he’s even recommended it to colleagues.

"Re-Open EU is a formidable tool, not just for the border control staff at the airport, but also for European citizens. Given the chaos caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it was necessary for the EU to provide a practical and user-friendly tool that gives a clear overview of the epidemiological situation in each European country, as well as the national measures. I can only encourage this type of initiative."


Re-open EU gave Irene the information she needed to be able to travel abroad this summer.

"In the summer we visited several European countries by car. Your site was very helpful both for planning and during our trip. Finland's own information gave the impression that you couldn’t travel anywhere, but reading Re-open.eu showed a different perspective and we were able to see recommendations and measures for each country. Thanks for the site."


Bernd works at an engineering company in Germany. The tool has helped him do his job during the pandemic, and he’s impressed with how easy to use it is.

"We carry out assemblies and servicing in mechanical engineering in other European countries. We always use this page for travel planning, as it is very helpful for initial information. The design and functionality are very good."


For Tibor in Hungary, having a one-stop shop for all the information and for all EU countries was really helpful.

"I think it's a terrific idea to have a central map - I really felt that the EU response was so fragmented, and at least this is a step in the right direction."

Couple walking to the train, © European Union, 2020

Couple taking the train © European Union, 2020

Freedom of movement

Free movement is an integral part of the European way of life. While tackling the big issues related to the coronavirus crisis, such as vaccine development or protecting jobs, the EU continues to look after the everyday needs of its citizens. Thanks to Re-open EU, everyone can travel safely, stay on top of coronavirus measures right across the continent, and have access to reliable data. Restrictions may vary from one country to another, but the Union remains one in supporting and connecting people.