Policy areas

Foreign Policy

The European Union in the world

European neighbourhood

Aims at stability and region-wide cooperation, in political, economic, and security related terms.

International Partnerships

Through aid and cooperation, the EU supports developing countries and their transition to economic and social stability.

Humanitarian aid, civil protection

Providing needs-based humanitarian aid with particular attention to the most vulnerable victims.

Trade policy

The EU helps businesses make the most of global opportunities to ensure prosperity, fair competitiveness and investment.

Security and defence

Aiming to strengthen the EU's ability to prevent and manage crises through the development of civilian and military capabilities.

EU enlargement

Investing in peace, security and stability in Europe.

A balanced and progressive trade policy

The EU’s trade policy is balanced, progressive and designed to harness globalisation.

The European Defence industry

Strengthening the competitiveness of the defence industry in Europe, including SMEs.


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