The transition to a sustainable and climate-neutral economy will require substantial investments across Europe. However, the concentration of extractive industries (hard coal, lignite, peat or oil shale) and related energy production as well as carbon intensive industries (e.g. cement, steel, aluminium, fertiliser or paper production) will pose a significant challenge to territories that are strongly reliant on such activities. These territories will need to restructure and/or diversify their economy, maintain social cohesion, and, (re)train the affected workers and youth to prepare them for future jobs.

To address the specific challenges in these regions, the Commission has introduced a Just Transition Mechanism that provides targeted support to these territories.

About the Just Transition Platform

The Just Transition Platform aims to assist EU countries and regions to unlock the support available through the Just Transition Mechanism. This platform will provide a single access point for support and knowledge related to the just transition. All the relevant knowledge and information that authorities and beneficiaries need will be shared on the platform, including funding opportunities, relevant regulatory updates or sector specific initiatives. 

The Platform also promotes actively the exchange of best practices among all stakeholders involved, including through regular physical and virtual gatherings. In particular, the platform will offer technical and advisory support to stakeholders involved in activities related to the Just Transition Mechanism. The Just Transition Platform will build on and expand the work of the existing Initiative for Coal Regions in Transition, which already supports fossil fuel producing regions across the EU in achieving a just transition through tailored, needs-oriented assistance and capacity-building.

As part of the Just Transition Mechanism, a central element will be the production of Territorial Just Transition Plans by EU countries. These plans will set out the social, economic, and environmental challenges stemming from the phasing out of fossil fuel-related activities, or decarbonising greenhouse gas-intensive processes or products. The plans will also give an outline of the transition process until 2030, including development, reskilling and environmental rehabilitation needs. The plans will indicate a timeline, as well as the set of operations and governance mechanisms to be established in order to meet the targets. Support for the development of these plans will be provided by DG REFORM.

Member States will need to ensure that the plans are consistent with their national energy and climate plans. The template for the Territorial Just Transition Plans can be found in Annex II of the proposed Regulation on the Just Transition Fund.

Project and expert databases

The Just Transition Platform will also provide project and expert databases to guide stakeholders toward relevant knowledge, evaluations and project examples, therefore creating an expert network for EU countries, regions, agencies and stakeholders to exchange information and good practices.

Info centre and contacts

Direct assistance is available through a webform.


Launch of the Just Transition Platform - Coal Regions in Transition Virtual Week and Carbon Intensive Regions seminar29 June - 3 July 2020

Just Transition Platform Meeting – Coal Regions in Transition Virtual Week 16-19 November 2020

Just Transition Platform Meeting - Coal Regions Virtual Week and Carbon-intensive Regions Seminar 26-29 April 2021





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