EU and AI

Data and artificial intelligence (AI) can help find solutions to many of society’s problems, from health to farming, from security to manufacturing.

This can only be achieved if technology is developed and used in ways that earns peoples’ trust. Therefore, an EU strategic framework based on fundamental values will give citizens the confidence to accept AI-base solutions, while encouraging businesses to develop them.

Promoting excellence in AI

The Commission proposes to

  • set-up a new public-private partnership in AI and robotics
  • strengthen and connect AI research excellence centres
  • have at least one digital innovation hub per member state specialised in AI
  • provide more equity financing for development and use of AI, with the help of the European Investment Fund
  • use AI to make public procurement processes more efficient
  • support the procurement of AI systems by public bodies

Building trust

The Commission proposes to

  • new legislation on AI should be adapted to the risks, it should be effective but not limit innovation
  • require high-risk AI systems to be transparent, traceable and under human control
  • authorities must be able to check AI systems as they check cosmetics, cars or toys
  • ensure unbiased data sets
  • launch an EU-wide debate on the use of remote biometric identification (e.g. facial recognition)

Benefits of artificial intelligence

The EU has the potential to become the global leader in safe artificial intelligence. By developing a strong regulatory framework based on human rights and fundamental values, the EU can develop an AI system that benefits people, businesses and governments.

AI and EU in figures

  • research and innovation
    €1.5 billionEU funding for research and innovation for AI has risen to €1.5 billion (a 70% increase compared to the previous period). This is not enough.
  • AI research
    €20 billionThe aim is to attract more than €20 billion of total investment in AI per year in the EU over the next decade.
  • industrial and personal service robots
    > 25% of all industrial and personal service robots are  produced in Europe.


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