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The single market is one of Europe’s major achievements and its best asset in times of increasing globalisation. It is an engine for building a stronger and fairer EU economy. By allowing people, goods, services and capital to move more freely it opens up new opportunities for citizens, workers, businesses and consumers - creating the jobs and growth Europe so urgently needs. More integrated and deeper capital markets will channel more funding to companies, especially SMEs, and infrastructure projects. Better worker mobility will let people move more freely where their skills are needed. And combatting tax evasion and tax fraud will ensure that all contribute their fair share.


Single market strategy

Unlocking the full potential of the single market so that citizens, business and public authorities can access goods and services for the best quality.

Capital markets union

Reducing fragmentation in financial markets, diversifying financing sources, strengthening cross border capital flows and improving access to finance.

Action plan for fairer corporate taxation

Tackling tax abuse, ensuring sustainable revenues and supporting a better business environment in the Single Market.